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  • Athentic Invention's ExtraCore (Arduino Compatible) original:;;width:558;;height:480
  • Access more pins of the Atmega328 32 pin microcontroller original:;;width:558;;height:480
  • Compact original:;;width:451;;height:480
  • 1" (2.54mm) Tall original:;;width:640;;height:359
  • 1 1/8" (22mm) wide. original:;;width:640;;height:359
  • Effective way to add more pins or proccesing power to your existing projects. original:;;width:446;;height:480
  • Cost effective and compact solution for embedded projects. original:;;width:434;;height:480
  • Compatible with the same 5v FTDI used with the Pro Mini. original:;;width:434;;height:480
  • AVCC has the datasheet recomended low pass filter on board. original:;;width:259;;height:480
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